maaate your h&l skinny dipping piece is my phone background & i put my appys into folders in the bottom of the screen so i can see the full thinv bc it's so gorgeous i love seeing it everyday i guess this is just a love note from one of your many admirers ; keep doing what your doing babe & stay fresh xo

noo this is so cute tysm friend!!! im glad u like my stuff omg. the skinny dipping piece is actually one of my personal favs so this was v nice to hear, thanks again cutie xox  image

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neqx your artwork, girl. I can’t with them. It’s too much for my soul



“I am nothing more
than a million thoughts of you
swimming inside me.”

Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via tylerknott)

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Harry Styles & Angels in Renaissance and Baroque Art
Bernini’s Angel with the Garment | x
Raphael’s sketch of an angel | x
Berrettini’s Head of an Angel | x

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Photography - Winter Vandenbrink 
Make Up - Maria Papadopoulou 
Model - Aaron @ Select